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Links to Books, Blogs, and other Resources

Below are some links to books, blogs, and other handy resources that I find myself constantly referring people to. Although many of these links are for resources that you can purchase, many of them can also be found through your local library or via interlibrary loan.

Speech and Voicework

Rhetoric and Text Analysis

General Acting Texts



Directing and Teaching

Audiobook Narration and Voiceover

  • Volunteering for Librivox is a great way to get some experience under your belt for audiobook narration. Librivox has a wonderful online community that is supportive of newcomers.

  • Marc Preston's Voiceover Cabana series on his Youtube channel is a great place to find some basic info about the voice over industry.

  • The VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference is an excellent place to meet other voiceover performers of all skill levels and learn new skills.

  • Most professional VO artists these days rely heavily on a home studio. There are many articles, videos, and blogs out there on this topic. This piece from is a great place to start!

Monologue Tips

  • Always, always, always read the entire play (for film, you should be familiar with the storyline but take care not to copy the actors in the film). 

  • Never use a piece from the show you're auditioning for.

  • Select from a full text, not a monologue book. Not only do you need to read the entire play, but I guarantee the auditor will have heard most of those monologues in 101 Monologues for Young Actors before.

  • Choose active pieces, not passive ones. You want your character to be engaging with someone, not telling a story.

  • For fresh pieces, try searching for new works festivals online. Find a couple of pieces that catch your eye. Have they been published yet? Buy a copy. Is the festival going on near you? Go see some of the shows! Support local playwrights, support new voices.

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