Film Credits

  • Us: The Web Series (Series), Roen, SCAD student web series

    • IN POST-PRODUCTION: Episode 1, "Pilot" Directed by Lexi Pazul​

    • IN POST-PRODUCTION: Episode 2, "Kanako" Directed by Ayaka Furukawa

    • IN POST-PRODUCTION: Episode 4, "Olive" Directed by Meagan Mann

    • IN POST-PRODUCTION: Episodes 3 ("Wednesday")

    • Episodes 5 ("Roen"), and 6 ("Inez") in pre-production

  • Imaginapy (Short), Michelle, SCAD student film, Mackenzie Bentley

  • They Can Hear Us (Short), Cal, SCAD student film, Daniel Hentschel

  • Ernie (Short), Leia, SCAD student film, Wei Du

  • Icesyphus (Short), Seth, SCAD student film, Olivia O'Hara

  • Zoe (Short), Maria, SCAD student film, Xiaoxiong "Rose" Guo

  • See The Dorito, Become the Dorito (Commercial), Callie, SCAD student film, Austin Kemp

  • Lights, Camera, Magic (Short), Woman, SCAD student film, Austin Kemp

Special Skills


SCAD Improv Troupes- Moxie, Gradparents


Figure Skating, Yoga, East Coast Swing,            Lindy Hop


Received Pronunciation, Scottish, Irish


Animal Noises- Dog, Cat, Goat, Chicken,                Baby Dinosaur